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PMU - Permanent Make Up


Combo(Microblading+Ombre) $450

Brows Ombre Powder $400

Brows Microblading $400


Lash Line Enhancement $300

Winged Eyeliner $350


Lip Blush $400

Lip+liner $450

Dark Lip Neutralization $450

Dark Lip Neutralization + Lip colour $550


With in 6 months $150

With in 12 moths $ 250

SMP-Scalp Micropigmentation

Hair line & Front head line only SMP $1200-$2500

Hair Crown Density $1200-$2800

Adding density for existing hair $1200-2800

Scar cover up $450-up


Scar cover up  $450-up

Hair Line & Front head line only $1200-2500

Hair Services

Colour & Highlights

Root Touch-Up $100 up

Men’s colour $70

Full Colour  $130 up

Full Head Highlight $280 up

Partial Highlights $185 up

Root Bleach $135 up

Full Head Bleach $250 up

Hair Toner $110 up

Ombre By Consultation

Balayage By Consulation

Cut & Finish

Women’s Hair Cut $50-$85

Men’s Hair Cut $32

Boy’s Hair Cut (1-16years)$26 up

Girl’s Hair Cut(1-12years) $40-$55

Bang Cut $13 up

Blow Dry $35 up




Hair Treatments

Deep Conditioning $60

Japanese Straightening

*Short length $250 up

*Medium length $300 up

*Long length $350 up

Olaplex Treatment $80

Men’s Perm $95

Men’s Perm & Hair Cut $120

Women’s Perm $130 up

Special Occassions

Whether it is a graduation or wedding, we can provide the look you want to achieve.

Make up & Hair $200

Occasion Hair updo $100

Occasion Make-up  $110

Wedding Makeup & Hair $350

Lash Lift &Tint

Lash Lift $75

Lash Lift +Tint $90

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Long Dose Scalp Micropigmention Last?

SMP is non-invasive hair loss best soultion. SMP can last between 3~5years. the more sun exposure you get the faster SMP will fade.

How Many times Scalp Micropigment Session Will Need?

For optimal results we recomand to our clients between 2-4 session to complete the SMP process. each session will add more density.

Is SMP Cheaper Than Hair Transplant?

Scalp Micropigmentation procedures will always be a cheaper option. the SMP will cost you 50% to 80% less.

Is SMP Worth It?

Absolutely! SMP is low maintenance hair loss solution with minimal downside.

Hair SMP Hurt?

Some people do not feel anything at all. Pain tolerance is different client to client. but most people can tolerate with out need of anesthetic or numbing cream Generally clients report the feel to be tolerable and not as bad as they expected.

Can Wear a Hat After SMP?


You may experience a bit of and itchy scalp this totally normal. also you want to wear a hat during this process. make sure loose and can air through mesh hat make the scalp comfortable and dry until healing.

What Is PMU Tattoo?

semi-permanent makeup is procedure that involves injecting pigments into the skin’s epidermal layer using fine needles, resulting in coloration upon contact with the skin. as skin cells undergo turnover, the colour gradually fades naturally. it differs from tattoo, which are applied deeper in the dermal layer.

How Long Dose PMU Last?

semi-permanent make-up can typically last anywhere from 1~3 years. this duration can vary depending on individual skin conditions, maintenance practices, and the products used.

How Often Need PMU Re-Do?

The frequency of  PMU touch-ups can vary bases on factors like individual skin type, the pigments used, and life style. On average, touch-ups are recommended every 1 to 1.5 years to maintain the desired look.

Does PMU Hurt?

The pain of getting an  PMU can vary from person to person. Generally, during the tatooing process, you might experience mild discomfort, but pain sensitivity differs among individuals. Special numbing creams can used to reduce pain during the procedure.

PMU After Care?

After getting a semi-permanent makeup procedure, there are several precautions you should follw.

1. Skin care during the first week avoid oil base skin care and cleansing oil and refrain from using strong water pressure.

2. Avoid direct sunlight , sauna and swimming pool

3. Avoid Bleaching and Chemical treatments.

4. Be cautions with Medications and Cosmetics, avoid the treated area and try not to touch it if possible.

5. Follow Tattoo Healing Period, typically observe the area for 2-3 weeks to aid in its healing process.

Is PMU Need Second Touch-Up?

YES, It’s important for achieving the best results.

Color settling and fading, Aftaer the initial procedure, the color of the pigment may settle and fade as it heals. the second touch-up allows the technician to assess the final color result and make necessary adjustments.

people’s skin reacts differently to the pigments and healing process, second touch-up important for achieving the best results.

Send us your questions and we will be happy to answer them!
Send us your questions and we will be happy to answer them!

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